International Disruptor Review

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International Disrupter


We all know the power of Bitcoins, right? And a couple of days ago James Renouf released “International Disruptor“, his new course showing how to open your bazaar of digital and physical products inside the Bitcoin world.

The good thing is people are buying like crazy to be part of this new movement, and you don’t have to pay commissions to Paypal or eBay like you do normally, as the sales are free of charge.

You can sell your garage stuff, undesired items, or your ebooks, courses and files. And think about the price of the currency: it’s going up without a pause, and since 2015 the value has grown almost three times.

Selling on a portal accepting only Bitcoins and without paying a cent for your auction is something awesome, if you add that you will be earning Bitcoin, this is just something huge.

You can convert them in dollars with a free service like or, so it’s like selling in dollars, or you can keep them away hoping they will go up over time.

This portal has a lot of traffic, and from today you can start experiencing a new way to sell, a place where Bitcoin possessors love to stay, surf and buy.

Make your move with this awesome “International Disruptor“!

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