Instagram Experiments and the 110 Secret Apps

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Instagram Experiments

Yesterday I released “Instagram Experiments“, a special WSO in which I give you a 80 pages ebook with over 110 secret applications tested and reviewed. I did the bad work for you, finding these hidden and impossible to find software, that includes browser extensions, WordPress plugin, mobile apps and browser apps.
But what these apps can do for you? A lot of things, including:

  • Use Instagram from PC and MAC
  • Upload the images you create on your own computer
  • Create new images from zero, also if you have no ideas
  • Give a new look to your images with tons of filters
  • Found thousands of followers with a mouse click
  • Get a lot of Likes to your images and get them shared
  • Increase traffic to your sites
  • Earn cash with your affiliate links
  • Sell your photos automatically, also while you sleep!
  • Backup all your Instagram photos automatically
  • Learn a lot of things you can do with these apps!
  • And even more!

Each app can be used for free, and they all together are offering you unlimited advantages!
More, I will provide 5 secret techniques to get the best from Instagram, including tips on how to post automatically your images on social, on your blog and secrets on how to stay updated on recent applications released.
I created also a one-time offer giving you a 40 pages ebook on how to use your social photo influence.

This WSO, “Instagram Experiments“, is my best for 2012. Read the comments on Warrior Forum thread!

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What is a WSO and how did you get such an amazing looking page???

Hi Chris, thanks for your comment!
WSO term stays for “Warrior Special Offer” and it means a product for sale published on a forum named Warrior Forum.

On that forum, every day are launched tens and tens of new offers, some good and some bad, and here I try to keep my followers involved with the best offer of the day 🙂

My sales page was created by me using a simple HTML theme and some creativity, while this blog, based on WordPress, was simply customized 🙂

Thanks for asking and thanks also for the compliments!
See you soon,

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