Hypnotic Book Descriptions Review

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Hypnotic Book Descriptions

Hypnotic Book Descriptions” let you comprehend the importance of your Kindle book descriptions, that come right after your cover. In fact a bad description is the best way to don’t sell a copy, so stop writing them in just 2 minutes and discover the real secrets behind them.

Sometimes you think to have written a great book, far better than competitors ones, right? But sales don’t come as you expected. And the culprit is your book descriptions.

This guide by Bill Platt, expert of Kindle, show you that if you are ready to do one step, things will be completely different for your books, and you can get many many sales.
Here are the main points of this guide:

  • Once you comprehend why people buy your books, you will be able to write a better description that will make your book a real success.
  • You can seriously increase your book sales, making it more interesting.
  • You can decrease your costs, by avoiding to hire a copywriter.
  • You can get way more royalties and sales, by making one easy change to your books.
  • You will spend almost one hour per book to create constant results above your standards.
  • And much, much more!

I definitely think “Hypnotic Book Descriptions” will explain you one of the biggest secrets of Kindle bestsellers authors, so it’s your turn now to prepare better descriptions to enhance your sales by grabbing a copy of this guide!

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