How to Write a Fish Out of Water Romance Review

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How to Write a Fish Out of Water Romance


Apart the title long kilometers, this “How To Write a Fish Out of Water Romance” is really a good guide.

You might have bought finished plots before, but this is nothing like it. And yet, it’s just as easy to follow. Think of it as a template for working way better and faster.

You don’t get to “fill in the blanks”, but every chapter is described in details, asking your questions about your world and your characters. Making it easy to create your own unique plot in a way you have never seen before.

This guide is a 60 pages no-fluff PDF, created by Britt Malka. I went through it some days ago, and I really love it. Not only do you get something that is as close to a template as it can get, but you are also getting access to a way to come up with a romance story that is the easiest possible.

If you’re wondering what fish have to do with romance, try to think about “The Little Mermaid”. That’s just one extremely popular “fish out of the water romance”!

So many people struggle writing romance. Don’t let that be you. Grab “How to Write a Fish Out of the Water Romance” here, and get started in less than an hour from now.

There are also two awesome upsells. The first is a workshop that starts on the next Monday, and that helps you get your story written. It’s huge! The second upsell is a book with plenty of more “fish out of the water” story ideas. That’s why this “How To Write a Fish Out of Water Romance” can’t miss that place in your digital library!

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