How To Win Paypal Disputes Review

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How To Win Paypal Disputes


Today I stumbled upon “How To Win Paypal Disputes“, and so I’ve decided to grab my copy and read it for you.

If you are a seller, you know how a Paypal dispute can damage your account and make yourself angry. A visitor buy your products, probably through an affiliate, and then opens a dispute. So you have to refund the whole amount he spent, without the possibility to get back what the affiliate has earned on you.

At the end, even if you get $2 from a $10 sale done by one of your affiliates, you are constricted to pay the whole $10 back to the buyer. It happens every time I put something on sale. And I get so angry… so angry that is impossible to show it on a simple blog post like this.

But finally today I’ve found a great report called “How To Win Paypal Disputes“, a short report with a case study in which a seller won a dispute and saw the money back on his account.

Winning a dispute is possible, but you need the right message, the right way to win it. And “How To Win Paypal Disputes” is the right guide for you if you sell products online!

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