G.A.I.N. Review

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Are you still struggling to get new leads with free baits? This “G.A.I.N” course released by Britt Malka will help you.

You can’t sell anything until people get to know you. The free products you give away to add new leads to your list are seen as worthless. So what do you do?

Most people build that squeeze page, set up a free bait, send traffic, and hope against all odds that new subscribers will value the gift, open your mails and allow you to build trust between you.

And when that trust is in place, you can finally sell to your new list member. But alas, in most cases, IF the person signs up at all, he doesn’t care enough for his “gift” to open the mail.

Which means you have no way to obtain that relationship you want. Unless you follow the blueprint that Britt Malka has come up with.

You can read all about that and how she had a 74.85% opening rate and made $112.36 to a tiny list, and much much more.

If you’re tired of struggling with low opening rates and lack of sales, then this method will be a nice fresh breath of air on your list.

Remember, no pain… no “G.A.I.N“!

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