Fiverr Crusher Review

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Fiverr Crusher


My good friend Sasha Ilic released a new training called “Fiverr Crusher“, so for the second time in two days I’m here revewing another Fiverr product.

This course is based on 9 videos, that will guide you from account creation to gig setup, to customization to great strategies to sell a lot of gigs.

I restarted selling on Fiverr ten days ago, and I yet received 10 orders making $40 for me. Fiverr is a great platform, but I’ve forgotten it for some years after I was banned (ehm… I did a big error, so it’s justified they banned me.)

Anyway this course talks about a lot of things, including:

1) Introduction and creating account
2) Account setup
3) How to find a great niche?
4) How to find a Gold Mine?
5) Creating your first gig
6) Creating your gig promo video
7) Deliver your first order
8) Fiverr seller level’s
9) What’s next?

A lot of topics, tips and tricks coming from the huge experience that Sasha got on Fiverr, dealing with customers all days.

If you bought “20 Dollar Enigma” you can leave this where it is, but if you didn’t (and I know most of you didn’t grabbed it) it’s a great training product you can’t miss.

Give it a serious look, “Fiverr Crusher” is a really well done course!

** Find my bonus VIDEO in the Warrior Plus download page, below the download button! You will discover a secret Fiverr gig to offer your customers!

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