Fiction Novel Generator Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 23-02-2016


Fiction Novel Generator

Fiction Novel Generator” by Rhys Gronow is a new software that will help you to write your next fiction book or short story. Thanks to this little and low price software you can get your novel ready in a record time, because you clicking some buttons you can generate:

  • Your plot.
  • Character’s names and back stories.
  • Book titles.
  • Story structure for your book.
  • Templates for writing your book faster.
  • And more!

This is a great software, because when you have writer’s block or you can’t find a new story with the right appeal, it will help you get the right one at the right moment. You really can create a lot of crime, thriller, romance and more genres stories using this fantastic Windows software.

It’s well made, and a good tool to use anytime you want, in fact I found it useful even if you find a block in your novel. Generate a new event and you have a new part of your book to write. More, it takes care of your characters names and story, so well that you can simply copy and paste them.

Fiction Novel Generator” is really a great tool for writers, a software you can’t miss, especially for the low price it’s sold for!

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