FB Traffic Jacker and my First Review on JVZoo!

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FB Traffic Jacker” it’s a great latest release by Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson. It’s about how to get thousands of free visitors to your WordPress blog simply using the inner power of Facebook.
This time the authors decided to use the JVZoo resources to sell it, and I must say it’s a very good and professional platform, for buying and promoting as well.

This product installs in really 2 minutes on your WordPress plugins, and it gives you the wonderful opportunity to hide your posts, pages, or part of them behind a gate. The gate of Facebook Likes.
In fact, if one visitors wnat to read that part of the article, he must click on Like, or wait for a lot of time for letting disappear the counter popup. So he must click in every way to avoid going crazy.
And more, this tool remembers the visitors IP to never appear again on the same person the next time he will visit your blog.

I know that in the past many plugins similar to this were released, but this is exceptional because just hide the desired posts and pages, not all the blog. And more, this is really a quality way to obtain the Likes by many visitors, instead of getting them to passively read your article and go away. So if you have more blogs to care about, this is a golden opportunity to get even more visitors to your Facebook Page by one side, and mor ecomeback to your blog.

Some golden points about “FB Traffic Jacker” are the following, after a basic tryout of some hours.
You can:

  • Customize the message and popup style.
  • Use it as a multilanguage plugins and supports English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.
  • Customize design thanks to overlay and background colors.
  • Set a timer to automatically close popup.
  • Delay popup appearance of seconds, minutes or hours.
  • Use a timer to close it up.
  • Change the style of buttons, also showing faces of who liked it before.
  • You can set a cookie to remember the visitor who clicked.
  • Choose your favorite font.
  • Choose your favorite text colors.
  • Change the link between different fan pages.
  • Choose between Like or Recommend.

So as you can see there is so much things in a little plugin, and you will be able to download a guide on how to upload it, how to set it up in 60 seconds, and a complete video tutorial who will guide you on the right steps to activate this Like goldmine.

So, after 1 day of use on another blog, it brought me 6 new followers. It’s not bad considering who after I launch a Facebook Fan Page I must work hard to otain also a single Like.
Then I personally bought also the OTO, for a low price, who is named “FB Income System” and it’s composed by 1 video and its PDF file companion. This system show how to apply proven marketing techniques thanks to the large amount of up-to-date info it provides.

I strongly recommend to buy this “FB Traffic Jacker“, an unmissable to plugin to keep in your favorites! And give a look to the OTO also!

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