Fat Kindle Traffic Review

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Fat Kindle Traffic

Today I got a review copy of “Fat Kindle Traffic”, an interesting guide released by Rob Howard for Kindle marketers.

Are you struggling to sell your books? I know the feeling. You put a lot of time and effort into writing your book and when no one buys it, it’s very very discouraging.

Why isn’t it selling? Chances are, it’s a traffic problem. If no one is seeing your book, no one is buying. But what if you could change that, instantly?

This is going to be bigger than BookBub, sending authors more traffic, faster, and for free. And the crazy thing is, barely any author is using this hidden resource.

My friend Rob has just released a killer guide that reveals two hidden traffic resources that will blow you away. The people who leverage these resources regularly see 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 (or more) hot buyers go to their book page! And yes…

  • It works for Fiction or Nonfiction.
  • Paid or free books.
  • In any niche or genre.

You have to see the results some of these authors are getting! The guide is only available at this price for just a short time. Every four hours, the price goes up, so you want to grab this early to save some money!

If you’re tired of not selling your book and need some free traffic, then “Fat Kindle Traffic” is for you!


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