Facebook Authority Earning Plan Review

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Facebook Authority Earning Plan


Barb Ling released a new members-only exclusive training called “Facebook 
Authority Earning Plan“, a 10 modules guide that I will analyze for you.

Step 1: Finding Authority Facebook Fan Pages and Influencers
Learn how to report breaking news before the others, how to center all your
 followers in a single place, and you get also a big list of big FB members to 
follow for getting even more trends to share.

Step 2: Leverage Google News

This gives you the opportunity to leverage Google News updates and turn them 
to your exclusive advantage.

Step 3: Ensure You’re always on Top of New Facebook Developments…
Learn how to create a one-stop news resource and get the updates as they 

Step 4: Monetization Magic

Sure, sharing news is good, but you will learn also how to monetize your job,
 by learning how to find fresh products that interest the people who read your 
news. Watch your income grow on daily basis!

Step 5: Social Authority

How to build a solid reputation, how to bring people outside Facebook, straight 
into your “launchpad” site, create your group and grow yourself into a brand.

Step 6: Crystal Ball Reader
Discover how to search and find upcoming market changes that may affect your 
target audience, and learn how to distribute that news and get on top of Google.

Step 7: Creatie an easy One Problem/One Solution Report Easy Peasy
Get 6 cheat sheets to learn how to create “one problem / one solution” products 
to sell to your same followers and on the market outside Facebook.

Step 8: Sales Copy Secrets
Learn Barb Ling secrets to create a fantastic sales page, following the best
 copywriting tips and tricks.

Step 9: Setting Up the Groundwork for Your Product Launch
How to create your huge affiliates pool, with people ready to promote your own 
product, and helping you to achieve huge sales, and big earnings!

Step 10: The Big Change Rolls Out and You’re Ready with a Timely 

How to put all your efforts together, and make sales. Put together your
 product, your sales page, your affiliates and your ads, and get them rolling!

 As you can see Barb Ling and her “Facebook 
Authority Earning Plan” are just
 what you need to become a FB authority, and to become a great product
 launcher, to get sales each and every month. It’s pure gold, because 
you know it comes from a great authority!

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