EZ Software Maker Review

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EZ Software Maker

EZ Software Maker” is a Windows software that let you create EXE file software to
 sell, give away for free or simply add as bonuses into your releases.
 Easy to install and use, after running it you can set different pages to load one after 
the first, to create your new software.

This is something unique on the market, and it’s available for an exclusive price, without limitations. If you want, you can purchase separately a serial code generator (if you want to protect your software), and a white-hat license, but the software comes complete and perfect, ready to be used without any additional purchase.

You can use HTML language, and do all what you see on the web just with the
 software. For example I’ve created a software about photos, that helps the user
 in finding all the information and resources he/she needs to become a great photo seller.

This is 
a great way to distribute and sell your ideas, lessons, guides, photos and videos. A software 
is seen as a more valuable option that an ebook or video course, so go for it! For example you can release your usual ebook, and add a software as a bonus, or sell the software as a OTO, as you prefer!

This is the real power of this cheap application, “EZ Software Maker“, that will build software in a few minutes, just by adding contents, deciding the order.

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