Erotica Decoded Review

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Erotica Decoded


Did you know there’s a hidden Kindle market that is churning out more full-time bestselling authors than any other? These successful authors and publishers are cashing in life-changing sums every single month from their Kindle sales.

My good friend Krizia has tracked down a really successful publisher and she’s mercifully drilled him to find out how he generates $30,000/month on Kindle with his Erotica books. And so it’s born “Erotica Decoded“, an incredible guide on how to dominate this Kindle market. If you’ve not had much success on Kindle so far, this is your Golden Ticket!

The Erotica market is by far the most lucrative one on Kindle, but only if you know what you’re doing. Here’s the best part, you don’t even have to write one single word to profit. Since none of the big 6 publishers are able to figure out how to tap into the Erotica market and profit from it, it leaves the door wide open for smaller publishers like us.

Erotica readers are as addicted to their daily naughty reads as die-hard Starbucks coffee drinkers to their daily brew. This market is red hot and begging for new e-books to read. You’ll want to check out how you can start making real money from Kindle. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you have to check this out because she spills half the beans in the “sales” video alone.

This training is step-by-step and explained really really well. It’s so simple that you could create a real publishing success story in not time with your eyes closed! Don’t wait too long because Krizia told me that “Erotica Decoded” will sell for 10 times the current price really soon!

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