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The era of ‘Interactive Landing Pages’ begins NOW. Yesterday evening I bought a copy of “Engagr”, and that’s the first thing I thought when I saw it.

Check this example page I created for you: https://linkn.mobi/lf/1040

Engagr is a revolutionary software that allows you to create interactive landing pages and engage your visitors in a one-on-one conversation… Just like customers are greeted in a high-end store by a representative and assisted throughout their shopping experience.

Engagr allows you to achieve all the 3 main goals of every customer-business owner interaction:

  • Sales pitch: Show your products and services based on individual preferences of every visitor.
  • Lead Generation: Ask for visitors email address and other details as a part of the on-going conversation.
  • Feedback: Ask your visitors (again as part of the on-going conversation) about their experience at your website, blog, ecommerce store…irrespective of whether they bought your product/service or not.

With ever shortening attention-span of your visitors, you don’t want to confuse them with a whole lot of offers thrown at them without any thoughts. Everyone loves individual attention, especially when they are prospective clients or customers.

Engagr’s power-packed features are here to change the game forever:

  • Immediate Response Questions: Design the flow and provide the precise information your visitors are looking for.
  • In-App Lead Capture: Interactive conversations to assist your visitors allow you to build a list in the process by collecting Emails and other contact details of your visitors.
  • Unleash The Power Of Visual Medium: Use Images, videos and gifs to respond to your visitors queries. Show them options or take them directly to your sales video.
  • Kick Start Your Campaigns Instantly: Engagr comes with built-in templates that you can customize with just a few clicks and make them your very own.
  • Push Leads To Your Autoresponder: Add contact information like name, email address, phone number etc. automatically to your preferred autoresponder.
  • State Of The Art “Funnel Drop” Tracking: Know exactly at which point your visitors leave your page, so that you can track conversations that are boring enabling you to improvise your pages on the go and maximize your reach.
  • Analytics And Statistics From A Centralized Dashboard: Get all the statistics, track loopholes on your pages and plug them to improve the performance of your page.
  • And a lot more…

Now, If you are online to make money, you need a landing page. The era of conventional boring pages is over. Say welcome to Engagr!

But you need to grab this opportunity fast to get Engagr at this launch special price. There is no doubt that the price will rise as soon as the timer hits “Zero”.

This is absolutely a software no marketer can miss in 2017. Get Engagr NOW with this super exclusive bonus I prepared for you!

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