Endless Kindle Store Ideas Review

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Endless Kindle Store Ideas

Britt Malka launched her new “Endless Kindle Store Ideas“, a guide that will kill forever  your writer’s block, and will stop you from getting no good ideas for your next book. The guide has over 90 pages of contents, that will cover the following topics:

  • Why story ideas are so important.
  • Your Life.
  • The News.
  • Photos.
  • Songs, Movies, and Other Books.
  • Genre-Specific Resources.
  • 10 Story Ideas From One Image.
  • Final Tips & Tricks.
  • And much much more!

Britt Malka wrote her first short story in 1992, where it was published in one of the major Danish magazines. After that, she suffered several years with the typical “lack of ideas” problem.

She had written her second short story that was published in 2000, and then she stopped writing fiction until last year. Since she found the well of infinite ideas, she’s written and published a dozen novellas and short stories under her own and several other pen names.

You could get the idea you need for your own fiction in less than an hour from now, when you grab this eBook for creative writers. Your writer’s block has a very little time now! Kill it forever thanks to the “Endless Kindle Store Ideas” by Britt Malka!


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