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Online Photo Editor

Online Photo Editor is the new video training by Susan Mercer who shows you the real way to edit your images with free online software. It’s a grea release of 14 videos able to change your mindset on image creation process. Stop to use paid software, and start using resources offered for free through the world wide web.

In this way you can learn many things, for example how to:

  • Produce professional brochures
  • Group photos to create a themed display
  • Work with images
  • Create stunning internet marketing memes
  • Use the power of Facebook with images
  • How to clean old images from scratches
  • And even more!

Susan is a professional of photo editing, and she works on this field, so you are definitely in good hands for learning the real tips and tricks.
So you can forget paying for costly software like Adobe Photoshop. Forever!

And she thought also about outstanding bonuses, becasue she added a training on how to use Jing to produce your video tutorials on the go, and 3 in-depth online photo videos for enhancing or retouching your favorite images within PLR Rights! Remember that images give you more traffic, more visitors, beautiful article could be read fastly, advertising return go through the roof and so on.

I appreciated Online Photo Editor, and so I suggest you to try the power of free online graphic tools.

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I would be interested in knowing which the used free service is and to see a demo of it being used.

Any chance of that?

Best wishes

Hi Rolf, I’m really sorry but I can’t tell you the name of the services, because it’s more than one and I will damage author.

I can just suggest you to try this product, who comes with a money back guarantee. It’s really valuable, you have my guarantee on that.

Thanks so much for leaving your comment.
See you soon,

Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!

Okay – I can understand that. It is not a lot of of money as such and also the 30 days guarantee is just fine.

However, I am not in my country of residence now where I registered my PayPal account. Did you know that you cannot login to your PayPal account when abroad and make a payment? Last time I did that not knowing this they shut down my account for a good while until I could prove that it was me making those payments. – How’s that for international business? So I have to wait util I get back …

Another observation: Jing is great in many ways but I think it is limited to 5 minutes. I recently found another similar one – totally based on the net – allowing 15 minutes in the free version. I do not want to mention the name of it – I do not wish to be seen as spammy. If you want to know it please send me a message with a clear subject like “Online screen capture” or similar.

Best wishes

Hi Rolf and thanks for your great reply! I didn’t know that fact about Paypal, and I did also some purchases out from Italy, while I was in UK and Maldives. I didn’t knew! Now I will pay more attention!

About the product to make online videos, Jing is probably limited to 10 minutes, no more than that.
I will be happy to know the name of the software, so I will write you a message!

Thanks so much and see you soon!

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