Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet Review

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Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet


Yesterday I did a live webinar for who purchased my OTO2 of Cheatsheet Empire, and I shown them how to create a complete cheatsheet with cover and sales page in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This is the result. More than 60 resources were included in my new “Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet“, two big things people want to know more about.

Inside you will find links about:

  • 10 Ways to Increase your Privacy
  • 5 Secure Browsers
  • 6 Ways to Secure Your Connection
  • 5 Secure and Private Chats
  • 5 Top Security Email Services
  • 5 Secure Social Networks
  • 10 Secure Search Engines
  • 5 Top WordPress Security Plugins
  • 5 Secure Password Managers
  • 5 Secure Messages and File Transfer Apps

A lot of information that have no price, because being protected today means staying safe.

You will get no more targeted ads shoot on you, no more hacks and viruses, no more blogs hit by hackers, no more privacy issue and you can stay safe when browsing, sending your important things via email and so on.

For just $1 you can get all this, with my newest “Cyber Security and Privacy Cheatsheet“!

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