CS Fully Loaded Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 24-03-2016


CS Fully Loaded

Today I want to let you know more about a new Debbie Drum product called “CS Fully Loaded“, that shows you how to load your Kindle books with images into Createspace.

Have you ever published a digital book? Do you know you are only a few steps away from taking that same digital book and turning it into a physical book? That means adding another source of passive income.

Shockingly enough, people still buy physical books and if you are not selling one, you are missing out on an easy source of additional income.

There are only a few steps to take but I urge you not to try to figure it out yourself because it could be very frustrating and time consuming getting everything right so that your books looks great when it’s printed.

I have found a great resource for you from Debbie Drum who has done all the hard work (and made all the mistakes) so that you can get your physical book published fast and start earning quicker.

This guide is different because it goes through the details of publishing “full color books” – that is great for children’s books and for folks who want to publish occasional physical newsletters for their subscribers.

Having something your audience can hold in their hands will definitely make you stand out from the crowd! And that’s why I really suggest you to grab a copy of Debbie Drum’s “CS Fully Loaded“!

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