Crime Fiction Decoded Review

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Crime Fiction Decoded

If you remember, a couple of years ago I released Kindle Thriller and then Kindle Thriller 2.0, the course to create your best thriller story ever. Well, this time Mavis show you how to create a professional crime fiction story thanks to her “Crime Fiction Decoded“.

This guide helps you to uncover the top 7 sub-niches of crime fiction that currently have the highest demand ever, but that are yet low to no competition, so you can literally dominate the niche without too much competition.

Inside this guide you can discover 4 great sources for unlimited story ideas, so you never run out of ideas for your plots. You will also find the 8 steps to publishing a bestselling crime fiction book at your first try.

Imagine having your new crime fiction series for sale on Kindle marketplace, on the bestsellers list. Many people launching crime stories jumped in first places with just a little of advertising, and it’s the dream of a lifetime!

This is a great guide if you always dreamed to launch your crime fiction stories on Kindle marketplace. As a bonus you will get over 600 keywords to target on your descriptions, titles and advertising. “Crime Fiction Decoded” is without any doubt the best guide to start writing inside the crime niche!

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