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Today, while I was surfing Warrior Forum, my attention was grabbed by a bold claim by the latest ZaphodBeebleBrox’s WSO.
It is named “WordPress Multisite Manual” and it permits you to control all your WordPress blogs from one location only, making all extremely simple.
This method it’s well described in the ebook, and there were absolutely no doubts about the easy configuration of the settings to activate this brand new functionality.

Try to think how easy can be to administrate all your WordPress blogs from one location, without login and logout from each site to enter the new one, repeating the steps for hundreds of times…
In this way you can update plugins in a breeze, post contents to all your blogs easily, and give your ok to the comments on waiting list. This is a dream come true for every WordPress maniac, isn’t it right?
The cost of this WSO it’s just $17, and you can use the method just after 10 minutes of reading, or in real time doing what the author says.
This course permits you to improve your use of WordPress to control all your present and future blogs from the first blog you decide to authorize, and so you can learn the following concepts:

  • Why it’s better to activate WordPress Multisite for your blogs.
  • The correct hosting to select for running a multisite network easily and without headaches.
  • The right organization of a WP multisite network.
  • How to make money with your new network.
  • How to enable the multiblog’s option on your blog and use it for next years to come.
  • How to install themes and/or plugins on each blog or all together.

And more, you get 7 bonus videos by ZaphodBeebleBrox, that will guide you on every step of process visually.
Consider I need 40 minutes to entirely setup a new WordPress blog from zero, including installation from Cpanel, adjusting the settings, inserting ping list, theme, plugins and getting widgets done.
If you add something like difficult to setup plugins and more, at this point you have no possibility to skip this WSO.

WordPress Multisite Manual” it’s your first step to working more in less time on your Wordress blogs. Take it now, or work forver or spend thousands of dollars in freelancers!

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