Covert Context Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 07-03-2014


Covert Context


Today I want to present you a brand new WordPress plugin, called “Covert Context“, that will change the way you show ads on your blogs! It can be really difficult to make money from blogs. You can spend a lot of time writing good posts, but without earning a dime from your ads clicks.

This is because people have gone “ad blind”, they are experts at mentally separating your contents from ads, so that you get no clicks at all. Covert Context will automatically add contextual in-text ads to any blog, raking in Amazon Associates commissions on complete autopilot, and this works because:

  • The ads are relevant to the content.
  • They are placed inside the content.
  • In a way people aren’t used to see them.

All of this will combat banner blindness and skyrocket your clicks, sales and commissions in literally no time! Amazon is without a doubt the most popular and trusted ecommerce site in the world, and people feel good in
purchasing from a secure and well known source. So the fact that your contextual ads will promote Amazon products through your affiliate links will also boost your results. And my favorite part is that this WP plugin is self optimizing, constantly working on maximizing your profits.

This truly is the most effective way to monetize any blog. And right now this new “Covert Context” WP plugin is available at a special launch discount!

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