Covers Crush Review

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Covers Crush

Covers Crush” is a set of 30 Kindle book covers that you may use or edit the way 
you like, for your books or Kindle books. Another way you can use them is for
 creating high quality covers for customers, as a service you may offer, even on 
Fiverr, or outsourcing websites like Elance, Odesk and

If you are not good with cover creation, or you prefer to outsource it, with this
 package you can save a lot of dollars, and together with the purchase of this
 covers package you get instructions on how to obtain a free license for Adobe
 Photoshop CS2, in case. More, you get three graphics packages, Graphics Blackbox 
in version 1, 2 and 3 for a huge bonus.

 The low price is offered just for 7 days, and you get a huge value here!

You can  create professional look products, eBooks or Kindle books, create product covers that attract a lot of potential customers. You will finally upgrade your business, using the free font sets provided. The time and money you will save by avoiding to design covers on your own, or outsourcing it to freelancers is huge.

Created by Amilie Larson, a dear friend of mine, “Covers Crush” is something special and rare that can add a lot of value to your Kindle books, but also to your books for any other selling portal.

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