ConnectAudience Review

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In Italy I’m preparing by a whole week to alert my list about how powerful this ConnectAudience is, and today I want you to know it too!

As effective as FB retargeting is, there’s been one big drawback until now. There’s been no way to easily build custom audiences based on how people respond to your emails.

Imagine how effective it would be if you could send one retargeting ad to someone who opened your email, and a different one to someone who didn’t. Your conversions would be off the chain.

Wilco de Kreij has come up with an ingenious solution to combine the power of an email autoresponder with FB Retargeting ads in one simple-to-use tool. It’s called ConnectAudience, and it’s about to change the face of both email marketing and retargeting forever.

Now, without lifting a finger, you can build laser targeted FB custom audiences based on how your email subscribers respond to your campaign. No exporting from your autoresponder and uploading to FB – ConnectAudience does it all for you without lifting a finger.

Because you can retarget your email list with such precision using ConnectAudience… your ad costs stay rock bottom and your conversions are sky high – leading to a MASSIVE return on investment for your ad dollars.

Plus, you can get special launch savings for a limited time, so be sure to check out ConnectAudience right now! ConnectAudience is not a gem, it’s way more!

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