Commission Machine 2016 Review

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Commission Machine 2016


Michael Cheney released the “Commission Machine 2016“, the revamped edition of his top affiliate marketing course, originally launched back in 2015.

Are there big news inside? Or is it the same 2015 version with no meat for us? Let me explain!

If you never purchased the “Commission Machine” system before, you can jump in and get an excellent knowledge in just a few hours. Michael is able to turn even the most difficult things into easy lessons.

If instead you have yet the 2015 version, this edition has been totally revamped, but the information at the end, except some good updates, are always the same, as affiliate marketing didn’t change in one year. So my suggestion is to don’t purchase it in this case.

Inside the membership you will learn many things, including:

  • Why it’s always best to use free traffic, and which is the best one to use anytime you need it.
  • The worst error done by affiliates, and how to avoid doing it.
  • How to select only the best affiliate offers.
  • How to be noticed between a lot of similar promos.
  • How to convert skepticals into buyers.
  • And a lot of secrets Michael used since 1999 to win many many contests, and sell loads of products.

Commission Machine 2016” is without any doubt one of the best products ever made about affiliate marketing, and also I learned some new gems from this 2016 version.

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