Coloring Paradise Review

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Coloring Paradise


I’m the king of coloring books. I’ve been the first to release a guide to the public to show you the power behind these books.

And now for me it’s time to close the loop, releasing “Coloring Paradise“, a collection of 100 mandalas I created on my own and never released to the public all together.

These 100 mandalas have been created with attention, one by one by me, in around 12/15 hours of time, all from royalty free images to avoid any problem.

To tell the truth I created them to use on my own, to color in my (few) spare time, but at the end I asked myself: “WHy not making more people happy with these beautiful mandalas?”. And so I decided to package them all for you.

If you are curious about one time offers, I can tell you OTO1 is a pack of 100 patterns, from easy ones to intricate ones, and OTO2 is a pack of 80 black and white images I converted from color with a long process.

If you act right now, you can be sure to grab all the mandalas included in “Coloring Paradise” for a little price.

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