Coloring Books For Valentine’s Day Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 23-01-2016


Coloring Books For Valentine's Day

Today I want to review a beautiful product for coloring books fan, and it’s Sue Fleckenstein and Shawn Hansen “Coloring Books For Valentine’s Day“, an incredible collection of wonderful images that have one thing in common: they are all about love.

Inside this awesome package you can find:

  • Training guide.
  • Editable ecovers.
  • 8 editable templates based on beautiful crafts.
  • 2 training videos on how to edit the templates.
  • 50 Valentine’s Day statements of love.
  • Information sheet all about Valentine’s Day

As usual they did a lot of work to come out with a set like this, and trust me, this is something that rocks! You can sell the guide to your list, give it away to build your list, share it in different newsletters, convert it into a video series and much much more!

The projects you will find inside are really beautiful, because are all things you can color on your own and then transform in beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for your friends or for your loved one. They are really easy, and the quality of the book is absolutely outstanding!

This is the power of “Coloring Books For Valentine’s Day“, one of the most cool things to do and to sell in time for the lovers day!

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