Clickbank CEO Monopoly Review

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Clickbank CEO Monopoly


Matt Hulett’s “Clickbank CEO Monopoly” is the next guide about Clickbank, but it definitely takes it in a different way, making this book really interesting even if it is a bit rough, badly formatted, direct and straight to the point.

If you can look at contents without stopping to look at the style used, you will learn a good set of ways to make Clickbank your next affiliate partner.

In fact you will be able to see the Clickbank portal under a different angle, and the methods included are relatively new for our countries, as they come straight from Asia, and specifically China as you will see on screenshots.

Don’t buy the OTO instead, because it’s interesting but download link doesn’t work and you will get angry because you have to send in your Paypal receipt to get the download link.

The frontend product is very good, but only if you can look at it as a good training without stopping by the worst formatting you ever seen and more bad things… For the rest this “Clickbank CEO Monopoly” brings a wave of fresh air in a really saturated niche like affiliate marketing!

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