Book Publicist Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 16-01-2016


Book Publicist

Dave Lynch released a new software called “Book Publicist“, and it’s something really useful for book marketers. Doing your promotion by hand requires a lot of time and efforts, while this software make everything for you, and for a really good price.

And apart doing this for all your Kindle books, you can also sell the service on Fiverr and on your website, to earn a dime while you take action with this great piece of software.

You can forget about Amazon suing your Fiverr reviewers and forget about Amazon pulling your reviews from their site because they say you are friends with or related to the reviewer. No more leaving your reviews to the fate – and no more giving permission to some ugly competitor who wants to leave negative reviews.

All this will be done through the use of Goodreads, a free social network of readers and book authors. You will insert your login details in the software, and then it will work for you without a pause. It’s something new that solves a lot of things at once.

This solve all the typical problems of Kindle authors! That’s why I can just recommend you to grab this awesome “Book Publicist“!

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