Book Promo Power List Review

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Book Promo Power List


There are over 3 million books in the Kindle store. So it’s not easy to get your book noticed. If your book is not seen, it can’t generate cash. But if it is seen, it can turn your life around.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to get your book visible: it’s “Book Promo Power List“.

There are websites that cater to readers. These are very powerful sites that sell books like crazy, and they are highly trusted by book buyers.

If you know about these sites, and use them the right way… You can get your book ranking and selling quick. Expert book-promoter Paul Coleman has done just that.

He created a list of the most powerful book-promotion sites. Something awesome.

Many of these sites will promote your book for FREE, and this goes way beyond BookBub and all the others you just heard.

For example… did you know that:

  • You can promote your book on Reddit for FREE?
  • Facebook has groups dedicated to promoting books?
  • Some of these groups have over 30,000+ members?
  • You can get someone else to do all the ‘legwork’ for you?

This “Book Promo Power List” makes things EASY.

Paul shows you his favorite Fiverr workers. These are great people who will do all the work of book promotion for you.

So that you can get back to dreaming and writing. Grab this powerful guide right away! It’s only available for 5 days and no more.

And it’s something you can use again and again. “Book Promo Power List” is well worth the low price!

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