BestSeller Traffic Hijack

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BestSeller Traffic Hijack


BestSeller Traffic Hijack“is the next super method to sell more ebooks to Kindle users, and it’s well thought!
After checking the review copy I received by the author I can just confirm this rocks for sure. Let me explain…

The entire course is based on 5 modules, including 1 videos each and some links on some. You start with an overview of the course, that shows you how to start fast and get results, then module 2 presents you the core of the method, how to steal traffic legally by the bestseller’s books listed on Kindle, and how to outrank big publishing names with ease (this is the cherry on the cake!). Module 3 talks about your audience, on how to “serialize” your buyers and getting them to come back for your next books, how to cross promote other items, and how to make some cash with other people’s launches (incredible but true).

Module 4 shows you how to build a list through Kindle, how to refer and communicate with that list, and how to force the visitors to stay in and click all your message’s links like clockwork. The last module, number 5, is an astounding action plan to follow from start to end. You will find the entire system broken down in little doable pieces, with a great daily routine to follow for success. And more, you get even a printable version to keep in front of you for getting real results.

As you can see you get a lot of things to study, for a new brilliant method that can give you just an awesome return. More, you will receive also some cool bonuses, like “Kindle Ghostwriting Machine”, a paid WSO free for you, and two great videos, always on how to sell better on Kindle marketplace.
And last but not least a super “Sales Rank to Daily Sales Calculator”, a good method to know how competitor’s books are selling, and how much will sell your one.

So “BestSeller Traffic Hijack” is really great under any point of view, and strongly suggested!

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