Backtoons Comic Collection Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 24-05-2017


Backtoons Comic Collection


WOW! Wait until you see this “Backtoons Comic Collection“, it’s one of the best graphics collections I’ve ever seen!

It’s all about comics, and it’s pretty cool. It’s a new huge graphics pack created by Shelley Penney.

Inside there are over 3000 new, original comic style graphics that are trendy, cool, and engaging.

Why Comics? Comics and cartoons in marketing have some of the best engagement and “stickiness” results. In fact, a study by noted that cartoons actually DOUBLE email open rates!

People LOVE comics, both in business and in fun, but have you ever tried to search for comic graphics that you can use commercially? It’s a very costly and hard search.

Now you can take advantage of this FUN “new” trend.

Backtoons Comic Collection” is live right now. It includes over 3000 comic graphics including backgrounds, action words, and fun elements like splashes, splooshes and pops!

Pssst…. here’s a secret too! Shelley told me that the upsell includes many ANIMATED comic graphics and there is ALSO a PLR offer!

Go grab this looney fun pack right now. The open price is at a jaw dropping low! Once the prelaunch sale is over, the price will be going up!

So go grab your copy of “Backtoons Comic Collection” right now.

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