Azon Investigator Review

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Azon Investigator


Azon Investigator” is an incredible and low price pack of 4 apps to fully analyze the Amazon marketplace for finding awesome products to promote. If you have a review website, or you like to build videos or slideshow about products, this set of applications can really change your job in better. The four software inside are:

1) Trend Finder

This super app helps you to learn about Amazon new releases before your competitors, to really dominate your niche. Having this advantage is really incredible, as you can prepare your review before the product hits the market, so that you can get better rankings on Google.

2) Azon Calendar

This product helps you to find the right products for the right festivity. It’s a real calendar with all the worldwide festivities, that sends you an email some weeks before the holiday to remind you to check products. This is really a powerful solution if you have holiday websites, or if you want to be ready a long way before competitors.

3) Azon Research

This is the core, as this permits you to search through the entire Amazon catalogue without leaving your blog. You can sort products by category, or simply by price, to earn maximum commissions. This is the gem!

4) Future Income Calculator

This is another cool product you won’t find elsewhere, that calculates your potential estimated revenue for each product by entering few simple numbers. So you can see if a product is a potential winner or an incredible loser. It will be easy to set your Amazon Associates earning goals.

As you can see there is much quality, and if you consider that the price of sale is actually less than $10, you get much more value than what you pay. With these plugins you can build up incredible websites, videos, slides, articles, social posts, and much much more. Don’t lose “Azon Investigator“! I’ve grabbed my copy, and you?

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