Author Fanfare Review

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Author Fanfare

Barbara O’Toole and Dave Lynch have teamed up to create this awesome “Author Fanfare“, a good guide that helps you to build your active readers list in a fast and easy way.

Collecting leads interesting in your book genre or type is actually priceless, as you can market them all your next books, and even some affiliate offers about the most interesting books as well!

Imagine how beautiful it is to launch a book with a list of interested people waiting for our release: our books will be a sold-out even before launching, because we will have our followers lined up to grab a copy! And the advantages are all on your side, because these lists will be really targeted!

And for advanced users, the same method can be used to test if a niche is valuable before spending a lot of time and money to write the next book, or to build a solid fan-base with much discretion.

All you need is a free account as Barbara and Paul will show you, and nothing else: the power is in your books then. “Author Fanfare” has been really a great read with a really valuable idea, because your list pays you back day by day!

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