Author Email Recipe Book Review

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Author Email Recipe Book


Today I want to review you this brand new “Author Email Recipe Book“, a new gem that comes with 28 ready emails for fiction authors.

Two self-publishing legends have teamed up to produce an incredible training for authors that just went live. Truly, this one is delicious!

Geoff Shaw and David Lee Martin stepped into the kitchen to cook up something I know is going to be a tremendous help to indie authors and publishers everywhere.

The training is called “Author Email Recipe Book” and clearly lays out the strategies that David and Geoff are using themselves to build flourishing author email lists, promote their books, and bring in five and six figure royalties from Amazon.

Not only does the report simply and clearly lay out the practical elements required to start building a list – they also share 28 specific “recipes” showing the different kinds of email that you can send to your list to keep them interested, engaged and reading and buying your books. No more struggling or wondering what to send!

The “Author Email Recipe Book” shows the principles and practicals of gathering subscribers, engaging your audience, multiplying your fanbase, building relationship and connecting on an ongoing basis with your subscribers in creative ways.

This is really a top-notch material put together in easy to follow steps, from two successful gurus who I know and trust. This information is for old as well as new authors or publishers. It has taken me months of time and lots of money to put together my list strategy, and here it is laid out in one simple super valuable book.

I wish this book were available sooner. But it is here now for your benefit!

The “Author Email Recipe Book” is a must-have for any self-publisher looking to build an email list, and put it to use successfully. Get your copy today!

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