Amazon Treasures 2013 Review

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Amazon Treasures 2013


Amazon Treasures 2013” is the annual selection of 440 Amazon products that have 4 or more stars, 5 or more positive comments and that cost more than $1,000.
This product helps you to find bestsellers on the Amazon marketplace, and this is what people search and buy, every day.
With a $1,000 product you can make good commissions, from $60 to $200, and it will be easy if you have just the winning products, that sell in quantity.

Each product on the spreadsheet file is given with:

  • Product name
  • ASIN code
  • Category
  • List price
  • Current price
  • Discount
  • Number of reviews
  • Average Rating
  • Direct link to Amazon sales page

So you have all the information you need about each product, to import them with a WordPress theme that supports ASIN code, or just a research with product name.
And imagine how many things you can do with these 440 products, and with the bonus list containing another big number of products!
You can order them for exact price, for category or any other type.

You can open an ecommerce site, a blog selling these products, or a simple review blog able to contain them all with your own point of views.
Or again, you can prepare videos, presentations or articles, for Youtube, Slideshare and article directories. You decide!
The thing I want you to comprehend, is that”Amazon Treasures 2013” is pure added value for you and your commissions!

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