7 Dollar Tsunami Review

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7 Dollar Tsunami

Today I got a review copy of 7 Dollar Tsunami, a new video course released by Mark Barrett. But let me tell you a short story before… Yes, it was the end of 2008 when I moved my first steps in internet marketing, and so much has changed since that day. But something is always going that way, and those are the $7 payments.

In that days there was a report sold for $7 that was telling you to create many reports to sell at $7. I paid for a very stupid thing at the end… but today I can finally tell you there’s an easy and beautiful way to get back that $7 for how many times you want, getting paid just $7 per month.

And the people you will get in will stay in for more, because you don’t think too much at paying $7 per month for something you love, right?

Sure, $7 is not much. But imagine 20 payments per month. Imagine 50 on your second month, and 100 on your third month. That turns easily into a good income, and what you have to do is write or get written a few newsletters or articles per month. And you can even target more niches to get 3 times the income!

Each member will get his articles via mail, so no websites to keep, no stress of installing hard to manage membership plugins, and nothing difficult for you, as this is the easiest business I ever seen, and that I will run in a few days, because I got excited in watching Mark videos.

This is a gem, something to do on your terms, with your time and that will give you much satisfaction at the end of each month. Give it a serious look to7 Dollar Tsunami

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