60 Minute Flips Review

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60 Minute Flips


Today Trevor C. and Lance Groom launched a new course that is called “60 Minute Flips“, and that shows you how to buy a new domain name and sell it. And everything in less than a hour!

And you can get paid from $97 to $700 for that domain name.

That’s a good and easy income, after you know the methods behind it. And you will never guess where you have to sell these “particular” domain names you buy.

It’s not Flippa or Godaddy Auctions, but a place we know very well, and until today I never imagined it was possible to do so…

The techniques inside the”60 Minute Flips” are NOT widely known, and are unique in many ways. That will help you to get that “UNFAIR” advantage over your competitors.

Buying and selling domain names this way has never been done before by others than Trevor, and you can take this huge advantage to start selling high-ticket domains in less than a hour.

After your purchase you will access over 1 hour and half of a coaching call replay video that shows you all the steps and methods behind this new profitable technique.

If domain flipping has always been a chimera for you, it’s time to jump in and start generating profits!

Start buying and selling domain names like crazy with “60 Minute Flips“!

Thanks a lot and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

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