50 Shades of Income – The ideal product for writing a book

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50 Shades of Income


This “50 Shades of Income” was a great surprise for me, because it’s a new type of product.
The ebook contains 15 plots for building ebooks and books on the go, without burning your brain thinking about a new synopsis.
There are 5 plots for paranormal romances, 5 for erotica and other 5 for normal romances.

They are built really well; they give you information on where to build your story, on the custom characters, and a complete walkthrough within possible chapters to put in your new book.
Awesome, right? But it’s not everything! There’s more!

In fact inside the package you can find a special custom character template, and an outsourcing template.
In this way you can create your perfect hero, the protagonist of your story in a breeze, giving him the right attributes.
And more, if you don’t like to write, and you really prefer easy things, you could outsource the book writing to freelancers, thanks to the easy instructions included.

After giving a first read to the 15 plots, I can say they are awesome. Each one of the stories and ideas are really great, and it will be easy to create different story starting from the concepts listed.
And it will be incredible to have our first Kindle books ready so easily. Every story can be enhanced, or if you have no idea to start, these chapters give you all what you need to start selling your books.
50 Shades of Income” must be bought before sale is closed, there are too many good points to be taken as your first plot collection!

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