48 Hour Golden Ticket Review

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48 Hour Golden Ticket


With “48 Hour Golden Ticket” by Jeremy Kennedy you may discover how to create a $197 offer to sell as your own in only a couple of hours. And more, you will learn how to add a $47 per month upsell in a few more minutes.

I’m used to big claims that at the end of the day are fake, but this time I wanted to purchase this WSO and check it out. What you get is a 13 pages guide and… nothing else.

The guide, anyway, was well made. Because without the need for hundreds of pages, guided me to a new project I never did before. Creating a $197 products in a hour per week, and add an easy upsell you can do in 20 minutes for $47 per month.

The product is good, the idea inside is great but for my opinion you can use it outside internet marketing. Choose anything from health, sports, hobbies, dating or something you are passionated with, and you will go great, really. You get also a $197 product sales page done by Jeremy, that you can check and get ideas from.

This is something I will add to my own to-do list, because I like how it’s done and how it brings you a good sum of money day by day! And that’s why I think this “48 Hour Golden Ticket” has been created with care.

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