30 Days Kindle BestSellers Review

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"30 Days Kindle BestSellers"

Rosa, the author of “30 Days Kindle BestSellers“, has been away from Warrior Forum for 2 years, and now is back with an awesome method. She has created a detailed and actionable guide that will show you how you can get both new releases as well as older books much more exposure and sales on Amazon Kindle marketplace.

This is a real training that anyone can do if they want more sales, and the steps are shown with order and experience. After reading this guide, an author will be able to:

  1. Launch a new book to get into bestseller category.
  2. Choose the cateogories to write their books in to get into Bestseller list.
  3. Discover dfferent methods to do free promotion in the first 30 days since book launch.
  4. Tap into the power of Hot New Releases.
  5. Climb to the top in the Bestseller List category.
  6. Jump start your Kindle book launch.
  7. Plan smartly your first 30 day launch.
  8. Promote wisely to create a successful launch.
  9. Set your book on fire as soon as it goes live.
  10. Keep the momentum to keep your book in the Bestsellers status for longer.
  11. Revive old Kindle books that don’t sell well anymore.
  12. Learn the one solution to take old Kindle Books to Bestsellers.

As you can see there’s much things to study, and after you read the whole book you will be able to revive your old book that provide no more sales, and turn them into bestsellers. And the same things could be done with new books. That’s why this product sold many copies!

If you want to know how to create a Kindle bestseller, give a look to “30 Days Kindle BestSellers“, and you will be surprised for sure!

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