WSO Winner is live!

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WSO Winner

A few minutes ago I’ve launched my new WSO… called “WSO Winner“! It shows you how to launch your best WSO ever!

Many people have a plan to sell a product as a WSO, but for a lot of them it is difficult, if not impossible. Errors are just around the corner, and problems may arise at any moment, especially when you don’t expect them! Until now we have seen courses of every type that focused on product creation, and not on the real stuff “behind” a WSO launch. Here comes my new product, ready to give a hand to people in need, and to those who want to make a better WSO without spending thousands of dollars.

I created this course myself. I’ve launched 18 WSOs since today, and I obtained 3 WSOs Of The Day. The topics I will talk about in the first 50+ pages guide are:

Launch preparation section.

1) Design a wonderful eCover.
2) Create a winning JV page.
3) Fill the JV page with right items.
4) Advertise and promote your JV page.

Preparing the sales letter for WSO section.

1) Design your sales page with a free Html editor.
2) Design your sales page with graphic software.

Prepare your files.

1) Package your files for download.
2) Manage front end offers and one time offers.

Launch your WSO.

1) Put your sales page online.
2) Choose the right type of WSO.
3) Setup every step of the WSO.
4) Launch your WSO.

Other fundamental things.

1) Add customer support.
2) Add a F.A.Q. area.
3) Manage refunds and serial refunders.
4) How to approve only the right affiliates

Every step has been described with photos and with real case studies from my previous WSO sales letters. The buyers will get lots of bonuses to complete the course, with a guide on how to prepare a product, the JV page template, the WSO sales page template, and much much more!

This is the best training ever packed for winning WSO creation. Everyone that has never launched a WSO before will need this package, and everyone that has launched a WSO without getting results (almost 80% of authors) will need this pack for getting better results!

So here is the link to purchase your copy of “WSO Winner“!

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