2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet Review

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2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet


Barb Ling is back with an awesome cheatsheet called “2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet“, a set of powerful links to know what will rock in internet marketing before the masses.

The advantage on getting this is you can jump on new trends as soon as you discover them, without coming second, third or fourth on the news. Think about my Coloring Books training, that has been a success (look at the marketplace now, full of coloring books offer…).

Think also about Pokemon Go trend, that now is going to get a bump with new features, think about all the new things I present when I launch a new product…

Coming first means having all people by your side wanting to know more about a new trend, and it’s priceless!

I’m a trend seeker since my first products, and I learned this from Barb Ling. She has been my coach and she was so precious when she told me how to check the trends before the masses…

Don’t lose the possibility to look exactly on the future of marketing: think what does it mean having an article written before the times, having a product ready before he gets published by gurus and so on.

Barb Ling’s “2017 IM Trends Cheatsheet” is your best possibility to get your place into the trend seeker’s club!


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