2017 FB Live Cheatsheet Review

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2017 FB Live Cheatsheet


Today I want to review the new cheatsheet by Barb Ling, called “2017 FB Live Cheatsheet“.

It’s insane. FB reports they now have over 1.7 BILLION users each month… a huge audience!

More, FB is now pouring millions of dollars into their free live streaming product, “Facebook Live”, that makes creating and sharing profitable videos simple!

The best part about this is anyone can use FB Live, also I did a lot of live videos with it, even if I don’t love being on video.

So, een if you’re shy and don’t want your face on the camera, you can do them!

Well, my colleague, Authority Marketing Innovator Barb Ling, has just released a quick, profitable one page cheatsheet on how to make the most from this easy to use tool.

And get this – the enhancements she offers after you purchase… well, they haven’t yet been released to the public yet!

She’ll reveal 15 prompts to help you start with FB Live, and even includes her own personal case study! As well as her trademark FB Live Product Solution Templates, 501+ Niches for Live Streaming, resources to become “THE FB Live Authority” and…

You will also be offered $200 and $250 off her popular bootcamps as well!

Barb is always the first one on new profitable trends and since is so quick and easy, it’s a no-brainer for you to check out today.

People are already cashing in with her “2017 FB Live Cheatsheet“… shouldn’t you profit from it as well?

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