12 Minute Books Review

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12 Minute Books


Today I present you “12 Minute Books” by Matt Rhodes, a great new idea that allows you to create brand new books in around 12 minutes. This guide turns the book creation process into a snap.

You will get many ideas about what to write, and you will really see there are thousands and thousands of different opportunities in our every day’s life to choose.

These books are easy to write and easy to sell, and Matt will give you the best topics where short books are much appreciated, with the 7 specific categories it’s better to target.

Think for a moment about how many choices there are in front of you: you can choose to write about something you love or you know really better, or start writing about something you don’t know to discover it on your own. There could be trainings for anyone, including kids and adults. This niche is really huge…

Thousands of books of this type are sold just on Kindle marketplace each and every day. But you know there are a lot of other book marketplaces too, like iBooks, Nook and so on.

You will also learn about the right pricing, and with these “12 Minute Books” Matt is earning $304 per book per month. Knowing this, how many of these books will you create? I bet a lot!

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