10 Thriller Plots for September 2014 Review

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10 Thriller Plots

Cheryl released “10 Thriller Plots“, an awesome series of plots for creating stories, short stories, novellas and series. Thriller genre is not easy to dominate, and with this package you can get all ready. You get the main idea, you add some salt and pepper, and you get your new story ready for the market!

An awesome idea, because if you are interested in writing mysteries from the thriller and suspense end of the spectrum, these are absolutely ideal. The characters are well created, the stories are including plot twists that would otherwise take you more than a week to craft! So you get a lot of value, with 10 different stories to modify to turn them into your own original stories!

You can also pass your plots to your freelancer to get him or her to create awesome stories for you, to get back your books ready to be published on Kindle, Nook, third part libraries or your local bookstore!
This is the real power behind “10 Thriller Plots” in this fabulous September 2014 edition!

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