The Traffic Dance, Social Surfing for all!

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The Traffic Dance

Today I want to present you a special website, a quality and colorful traffic exchange.
Its name is The Traffic Dance, and it’s easy to use: for each click you do, you get a visit on one of your websites.
On “The Traffic Dance” you can use your credits for hits to your websites, but also for banners and text ads. In this way you can organize better your advertising strategies.
And more, you can use free rotators to automatically rotate your urls.

What’s making this traffic exchange the best one? Well, many things.
It’s happy and colorful, with chat during the surf (also in one-to-one way with the Wisper function), a lot of bonuses and the possibility to found cash during the surfing.
And more, the administrators are organizing special contests for you, making surfing just a lot easier! And you get 500 credits just for signing up!

From latest market analysis, it’s clear that placing a website on a traffic exchange doesn’t give you the targeted traffic you need, but if you are able to connect with the people who’s surfing, you can really get your quality traffic just knowing who you are showing your own sites.
And “The Traffic Dance” win over competitors just for this fact. It permits you to find online surfers to talk with them! And that’s why it’s well known as the “social surfing”.

For this reason I suggest you to grab your free account and thinking about upgrading. You will get a lot of traffic and you will enjoy each minute of your time on “The Traffic Dance”.
Go now!

If you are too lazy to click and watching other people websites (bad thing, you are loosing the best of traffic exchanges!), you can try another big service offered by The Traffic Dance Network, the auto surfing.
The Traffic Dance Autosurf“. You join free, inserting your urls, and run the clicking on your background. This will increment your pageviews and will get you the credits necessary to show your website to ohter surfers.
This is a huge invention! And it’s good for many reasons:

  • You will bost your traffic for real and in fast time!
  • You will save a lot of time!
  • You will get a bunch of new visitors every day!
  • Search engines like Google are regarding new visitors positively, updating your rankings!

So with “The Traffic Dance” and “The Traffic Dance Autosurf” you are sure of one thing. You will never be crazy to find traffic!

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You are so very right that this may turn out to be one of the best exchanges yet. I saw one of there splash pages and could not resist the join. Then I got in and loved it.

They can take a bow!

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