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* Sales Letters Creator is no longer available.

Sales Letter Creator

If professional copywriting scares you for many reasons, Adeel Chowdry and his Sales Letters Creator software come to give you more than a great help.
After my new ebook release, Super Article Traffic, I was in trouble with my sales page, so in trouble that I decided to hire a copywriter through Elance or Rent-a-Coder.
The first request I received was a crashing 975$, without asking nothing special, only to start the creation process.
So I decided to give a look to my bookmarks, just because I thought to have put a bookmark just in my browser one or two weeks before.

I found Sales Letters Creator : a software able to create professional and high quality Sales Letter Pages in less than 15 minutes (that’s are creator’s words… not mine!).
I thought about a tutorial-software or something similar… but anyway I decided to buy it just because a Money Back Guarantee was offered.
Well, I was totally surprised by this piece of sales letter creator software, sold for a really small price and full of useful options I really needed to complete my page.

Sales Letters Creator is composed by 15 sections to check and complete one after another.
And in 15 minutes you can have your unique powerful salespage completed and ready to post.
Firstly you have to put in Meta-tags, then adjust the Page Settings.
After these two easy task it’s time to build your sale page : Headline, Introduction and Product Introduction come to let you give a point of view about your product to sale.
If you can’t find the words, don’t preoccupate : Sales Letter Creator propose you ready-made phrases to edit and add.

And now it’s time to add the Features & Benefits, adding specifically what your product is and what isn’t, in a simple list style.
After that ou can insert Testimonials, people or Guru that give an opinion about your ebook, your software or your course, and you can easily add their information.
Now it’s time for body, one of the simplest section to compile : you have only to insert how your product works, how do you charge for that and what your possible customers will receive.
If they will receive a Bonus, there is a special option to add them, with value inclused. That’s all…

Now just two minutes to adjust Guarantee (yes, you will put a guarantee, right?) and closing your selling page with PS and PPS, after the Buy Button, to let your visitors think about what they are leaving on the table.
Another unbelievable function of this software is the possibility to add two Youtube videos to your salespage.
Other options available are the posibility to insert your Header, your Affiliates link, your payment link and many more.

If you have a good template you can use Sales Letters Creator easily to copy and paste the text created and adjust it with fresh images.
If instead you don’t know where to catch a good template, this software will create it with your desired background color.

Finally, I can only say that Sales Letters Creator is a great piece of software, in no more than 1.2 megabytes.
And when you use it one time, you can’t leave it.
It’s too useful !

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