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Backup Creator Review

Wordpress it’s a perfect system, wonderful to use and customize. And it’s also easy to add new articles, images, experiences and files.
But if you find it broken or hacked, are you good to restore it from zero? I think 80% of people using WordPress he’s not able to perform a 100% restoration.
So? On market there are many products able to automate the backup process of a WordPress blog, including database and files, as well as posts, images and everything included.
Some are costly, some others are difficult to use, and just one it’s easy and cheap. Yes. I’m talking about “Backup Creator“, a really good and solid software to backup, protect, clone and restore your WordPress blogs as well as normal websites created with other resources.

A cheap tool costing you just $7, the cost of a couple of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, you can get a full recovery solution, or simply a backup tool to live your life in a better way.
I got many friends with blog hacked, and also on my own I made big disasters all around. One day I was convinced to delete a stupid blog, instead I deleted this one! But thanks to my WordPress backup, I was able to restore the entire blog in less than 5 minutes.

Backup Creator” it’s easy to use, and permit you to store backup files wherever you want, automatically.
The good thing is that is simple to create your 24 hours on 24 security plan, to keep all your files and your work on aa backup place.
Never think your WordPress blog will never be hacked or will never crash thanks to malicious plugins, it will happen one day!
So be prepared, and smile when you discover your blog is gone. Now you can protect it forever with just a few bucks.

Smile, “Backup Creator” it’s arrived! Go now and get it for low price, until it’s on launch phase!

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