The Adwords Manifesto was finally released… Yeah !

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If you are really tired to view every day a new released book about AdSense, stay quiet please.
This is about Adwords 🙂

This ebook is in progress from 2008 by the hands of Michael Jones, and is about how to make a day-dream campaign on Adwords, the well known and most used method to display worldwide Ads.
It’s not one of the 30 pages handbook released, like a mix and re-editing of the instructions contained on the website, but a proven method to make money through a single campaign, making you able to choose only the best keywords and leave the unnecessary ones.

Into this over 160 pages ebook you can find also 4 brilliant Ad formats and 9 exclusive eye catching titles, to grab in no time the attention of the people searching for Adwords help.
You will learn also how to avoid common errors on planning an Adwords Campaign at best and also how to kee your money in your wallet insteat to throw it away in low-quality campaigns, making many efforts for nothing.
Also I made some special (I thought so) campaigns into the italian market for my mother’s shop, but only reading this book I know I have been like a complete donkey on Adwords strategies.
But I said “I have been”, just because from today my own strategy beyond the Google Adwords is totally changed, after reading the first 35-40 pages of Adwords Manifesto.

For example some pages, very useful for me, are detailed about the using of Splash Pages to deliver traffic to your desired pages, giving you the baddest word to avoid inside it and the best strategies to build a better one, and also fundamental tips to keep up your campaign without loosing the interest of your ads followers.

If you read the sell page you can find important and detailed information on what is included inside this book, but also how this work is complete and detailed, so much that also Google can use it as online help for his members!
So I can openly recommend The Adwords Manifesto like the number 1 resource about your loved-hated ad launcher.

It’s sold, only for the first 500 copies, to more than 50% off : don’t think too much if take it or not, because the valour of this publication is unlimited, really.
The link is the following : The Adwords Manifesto.

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Adwords is really good in driving traffic to your website. however, they are very strict right now and they would not easily approve websites that they thought have low quality content. “

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