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I just found a new site called Tweeter Getter, that provide a great project, completely free for you.
It’s an automatic way to get thousands of new Twitter followers straight to your account, starting gradually to finish in only 1 month.
I just started but I also verified that I’m not receiving so much people… Here you can visit my Twitter account.

I think I’m receiving not much than 3 people a day… and sometimes they are contact I added to my list some days before or add me randomly to their profiles, so if I have to give a vote will be only 4 on 10.
The unique people is getting 19530 Twitters is the administrator of this program, for sure.

Twitter act like a real list, so I recommend to join it, but I tell you to forgot this program, that anyway can be seen at this link :

TWEETER GETTER (Link is no more available)

Thanks and Goodbye !


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I tried TwitterGetter and it’s not working, just a hype.

I think TwitterGetter is like a pyramid scheme.

I was taken by the news sent me by great Internet Marketer, but effectively after testing it, appear to be not working at all.

So I modified my review, so people can get noticed before to join.

See you.
Alessandro (ADMIN)

Hy everybody.
I am not sure how much it works, but I can tell you it WORKS in same way. Actually, it helped me to get my first bunch of followers on Twitter.
I think you should try to tweet form their site more than one time.
Anyway, if you are telling me you cannot get thousands of floowers with tweetergetter only, I agree with you.
I just breached my 3k barrier and it was not thanks to that one tool only.
If you want to see it you can find me on

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